ROLR: The Movie Karaoke App, That Let’s You Re-Create Your Favorite Movie Scenes

ROLR: The Movie Karaoke App, That Let's You Re-Create Your Favorite Movie Scenes

While Dubsmash offer a way for users to create funny clips of themselves or their friends being dubbed over quotes. Then there is Snapchat where we can take of users lip-syncing with the latest filters. But there is a video app that has been recently launched that combines elements of both of these popular apps to provide an entertaining platform made especially for movie and TV fans.

ROLR: The Movie Karaoke App, That Let's You Re-Create Your Favorite Movie Scenes

ROLR, yes its called ROLR, the app that allows users to act out their favorite scenes from several movies with other users around the world. It’s just like karaoke, but for movies, so we like to call it “movie karaoke,” a platform where anyone can transform into their favorite characters and recite lines from any movie or series.
“I was an actor for a long time — for almost 20 years, mostly television, but also films — and over the years I often had people come up to me and ask me what it was like to be an actor,” ROLR founder Edward Kerr told Tech Times. “There is also an interest and fascination with acting; certainly people are huge fans of television shows, fans of characters from shows, fans of celebrities, but there has never been a way for people to actually act in a virtual environment. So we set out to build an acting machine.”

Kerr’s “acting machine” replicates what it’s like to role-play with someone — all from the convenience of their smartphone. Users are given all the tools they need: the script, teleprompter, their acting partner and soon, filters and other voice changers, so that they can embody characters and recreate iconic scenes and share them with a community. After you download ROLR from the playstore, the app will provide you with a brief tutorial in order to get you familiar with the app’s main features.

Then, the home screen of the app pops up, where there are featured performances and performances of people the users follow. The user can also opt to play a role opposite a user who had already filmed their part, replay or join in on scenes. A user can also tap the plus sign, in order to start their own scene and invite their friends to respond to it. The app includes famous scenes from classic as well as latest flicks and series like Pulp Fiction, Deadpool and Suicide Squad – just to name a few.

“You are either reacting to someone else in a role that they’ve done, or you choose your role to record by yourself and invite others to react to you,” Kerr said. What’s interesting is that, instead of the users acting together live, they are actually having a conversation with a recording. The user records their part opposite the other user’s recording, which is then either shared publicly on the app and can be seen by those who follow the user or be made private. The app allows people to connect with each other over their shared loved for a particular movie or TV show character that instantly bonds them together, despite any differences they might have in real world.

ROLR sets itself apart from other video apps by focusing on collaborations where a user’s personality is front and center. These people range from those who just love movies to those who really have some acting chops who can use it as a platform to express themselves and get noticed. New content is continuously added to the platform, so there is never a shortage of roles to play. ROLR makes sure it hones in on the most memorable parts of film and TV to be able to give fans and amateur actors exactly what they want. The app is available for iOS as well as for Android. This is it for now, stay tuned for further updates.


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