Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Live: Jaggi & Urmila At Mansi’s House

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Sona says milk is finished is in house and Sita Gita are hungry. Sona worries. Gopi says take this milk powder. Mayal teaches Meera dance. Meera thinks why Dharam not came yet. Naiya comes. She asks where are you going. Naiya says Dharam said he is doing work and he will get late. Mayal says we should start couple dance. Meera says Dharam had not come yet. Mayal asks Ritesh to pratice with Meera. Ritesh says he has no problem. Meera says its ok. She starts music. Mayal asks them to hold their hands. Meera feels uncomfortable. Dharam comes. Mayal sees Dharam coming and she asks Ritesh to put hand on shoulder. Dharam sees them. He gets angry. Naiya thinks now her plan succeeds.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

He goes back. Ritesh asks are you fine Meera. Sona asks Sahir if he brought milk. Sona listens buffalo’s voice. She asks who brought buffalo. Urmila asks what happened. Jaggi comes with buckets full of milk. He says yes he did this. He says you give powder milk to kids. Pari says what is this and what more she has to do this. Sona says you should not bring buffalo in this house. Kokila says take aarti first. Jigar comes sadly. Kokila gives him aarti. Jigar says no he does not deserve anything. Pari comes and asks what happened and how these marks came on his face. Jaggi asks who slapped you. Kokila asks tell. Jigar cries and tells he has done a mistake for which he cannot ask them to forgive. He says i have risked happiness of my family. He tells for his business he has given Modi Bhawan as gurantee. Gopi says yes he told.

He tells he took money from Mansi. Everyone gets shocked. Jigar says he went with money but she denied to give papers. He also tells that she got to know I am with yos and she is angry now. Kokila says we have to take papers back. Jigar cries and says she wants to demolish this house. Jigar says he hates himself. He says he has all memories in this house and because of his mistake everything will be destroyed. Gopi asks him to get up and he did mistake as human does mistake. She says may circumstances come and we have to fight back. Let the things go and think how to regain all our things. Jaggi says dont worry come to my house and Gopi becomes angry on him


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