Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th August 2016 Episode: Gopi Shocked To Know About Meera

A person comes to hospital. Dharam asks who is he. He says he is ACP of crime branch. Shravan asks who shot Vidya. He says Meera suryanvanshi. Everyone becomes shocked. Gopi prays that she is not feeling good and Lord Krishna should take care of her family and protect them from troubles.

Mansi and Pramila sees Tv and Mansi says today is good day as Gopi is praying and today they will use their mastercard. Mansi gets call of Urmila. She cuts the phone. Urmila calls on landline. Gopi listens and comes downstairs. Before Gopi , Pramila takes up the call and asks who is there. Urmila asks Pramila to tell Gopi that Vidya is in hospital. Pramila cuts the phone and asks Gopi to finish her pooja. She goes.

saath nibhana saathiya gopi

Pramila cuts the line of phone. Mansi asks who called. Pramila tells That Urmila called and telling Vidya is shot. Mansi asks which daughter. Pramila says what will you do with that and she reminds her of the situation that she had to go to mental asylum because of her.

Pramila says we should create situation so that Gopi should not reach to her family. Meera says she cannot shoot Meera as she is her sister. Inspector says every proof is against Meera and she took Vidya to hospital so as no one can doubt her. Mansi gives Gopi some medicines and Gopi eats that. She suddenly faints and sleeps. Pramila and Mansi laughs. Pramila says now she will not wake up.

Mansi and Pramila leaves. Doctor comes out. Shravan asks how is Vidya. He says she is in critical state and her blood group is so rare AB positive. Urmila thinks she and Gopi have same blood group. Urmila says please take my blood. Doctor denies and tells and we cannot take your blood as you are aged woman.

Tolu says now we have to take Gopi’s blood. Urmila says she will go to Gopi’s house and take her. Pramila sees Urmila coming. She hides herself. Pramila gives Mansi the keys and asks her to do as she is saying. She locks the door.

Urmila presses door bell and thinks why they are not opening door. She looks from key hole and sees Pramila is inside and why she is not opening the door. Urmila thinks now the time has come to do something. She opens door and thinks she mistook as there is no one. Gopi wakes up and she gets head ache. Gopi listens Urmila is here.


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