Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th June 2016: Gopi Shouts On Jigar And Makes Feels Him Ashamed

saath nibhana saathiya gopi

In the last episode of saath Nibhana Saathiya we saw that Gopi reached Modi Bhavan with her suitcase and belongings. Jigar was happy seeing Gopi and said that i knew that you will definitely come back as Kokila forcibly make you married with Dr. Krishna Raheja and you can stay without your family.

Jigar called Pari and said that Bhabhi came back. Gopi called Dr. Krishna Raheja and Kokila there. Jigar was shocked seeing Kokila and Krishna with her and asked what they all are doing here ? Krishna replied that he came here along with his wife. Jigar shouted and said that he will not let him stay here. Gopi shouted and said that he is my husband and he will stay here with me. Jgar said that today you insulted Ahem and now you also not linked with us.

saath nibhana saathiya gopi

Gopi said that I knew it that you will all such act so I came with full preparation. Gopi said that Ahem transferred all his property and business in her name so she is 51% owner of this house and business. Gopi asked Jigar taht if he wants then he can leave Modi Bhavan with his family.

Gopi shouts again and said that he cannot insult Dr. Krishna Raheja. Then Gopi moved to Sona’r room and threw all her clothers followed by the other rooms. Jigar asked what she is doing ? Pari said that she want us to go out  of this house. Gopi asked them all to shift on the first floor as her she will live on ground floor with Kokila and Krishna.

Tonight in Saath Nibhana Saathiya we will see that Jigar will talk to Gopi and Gopi will shout on Jigar and will say that he should ashamed on himself that he ashamed Kokila and let her to die. And said that now she will become Kokila’s support and she will return her all her respect and powers of this house. Stay tuned for more updates like this.


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