Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd June 2016: Meera Decides Expose Truth To Gopi

saath nibhana saathiya

Last night in Saath Nibhana Saathiya we saw that Gopi gave Ahem’s room yo Dr. Krishna to stay. He looked at Ahem’s photograph and said that I am jealous of you because Gopi still loves you. He gave lens box to Kokila and said that now you will use this lens instead of specs.

Shravan came back to home and found Vidya crying. He asked her about the reason she said nothing. Shravan saw Vidya’s head bleeing he said Meera hits you. Vidya stands silently. Kokila asked Gopi to arrange Krishna’s clothes in his room. Krishna denied and said that I am habitual to do my work by my own. He left from there then Mona bought soup for Kokila. She feeds soup to Kokila and asked why not Meera attended the marriage. ? Kokila replied that Meera has changed now she hates Vidya and just seeks some opprtunities to insult and torture Vidya.

saath nibhana saathiya
Shravan was in anger and when Meera came back from shopping with Naiya, Shravan asked how can she her Bahu/sister Vidya. Meera replied that she deserves this. Shravan shouted on Meera and said that I will not leave you if you even tried to do this again. Meera replied that will you do. If you will do anything then I will kick out you and Vidya from this home. Dharam interfered and said that I want peice in this house.

Tonight in Saath Nibhana Saathiya we will see that Meera will say that Gopi is not aware that what Vidya did. Vidya will say that mum just got well and Meera cannot talk about it now. Meera said she will tell her truth now what Vidya did and why there are negative environment among us both. Stay tuned to The News Recorder for more updates like this.


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