Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd June 2016: Gopi Comes To Tackle Company Business

saath nibhana saathiya images

In today’s episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya we saw that Kokila gets up hearing Jigar’s taunt. Gopi stopped Kokila and asked taht whoever wants to go, they can go but Kokila will have food here with us. Then Jigar taunted Dr. Krishna Raheja that he is having free food.

Kokila commented on that and said that Krishna is our family member now. Jigar continued insulting Krishna and said taht althought Gopi is 51% share holder of company but he earns bread for this house. While on the other hand Meera was shouting in her room. Dharam said taht she is trying to make herself understand that it was an accident. Vidya bought food for Meera and Dharam. Vidya retaliatated and said that whatever happened I beard everything which Meera did with me but I don’t want to let my daughter go through the same insult.

saath nibhana saathiya images
Meera was shocked of this while Dharam smiled. Gopi looked at Ahem’s photograph and thought that now I will not let Jigar insult Krishna.

Also we saw that Jigar was in board meeting and Gopi entered there. Directors were discussing that she is Ahem’s wife and what she is doing here ? Gopi said that she is Gopi Kokila Modi Kokila Modi’s daughter and she checked the files and suggested that we should do something unique. She gave an idea and Jigar said taht its bad idea. Gopi said that I am 51% share holder and my decison is final.

Precap : Jigar and Gopi will challenge each other for the same deal of clothes. Gopi will ask Jigar taht she will open a factory and will proceed with her idea. If she will succeed in this then she will take over the whole business. Jigar will agree to this. So keep watching the show and stay tuned with us for more stuff like this.


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