Salman Khan’s Sultan 34th Day Total Box Office Collection Movie Becomes Big Hit Of 2016


One of the biggest block-buster movie of the Bollywood and most expected by the Audience and the Salman Khan Fans has done it’s part in making the whole industry crazy over this movie and the actor. The movie which has expected to break all the records has done it’s part and now the results are all out to show the boom of movie.


The movie Sultan is about a Wrestler who is from Haryana and is very known for his tactics and never to lose will. He is world known player of wrestling both freestyle and professional inside arena. The movie is featuring Salman and Anushka as the lead roles, they both can be seen as husband and wife and both are the kings of Wrestling. The movie is not based on his story but it is based on how he manages the conflicts which happened between in his professional and personal life. The movie is being directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and is produced by Aditya chopra.

The movie is having a special appearence of Randeep hooda who is playing the role of Salman’s coach in the movie, He has done a fantastic job as according to his character he needs lots of patience and true acting skills which he has proved to have inside him.

The movie is definitely based and focuses to motivate the today’s generation towards the success rather than getting into drugs and using other things which affects their whole life. The movie has done enough craze when the trailer of the movie was released. The movie was expected to break all records but just one day before the release the movie got out on the internet, which is very shocking for both the makers off the movie and the audience who are very eager to watch it on theater.

But the movie has done enough collection to make them who did this thing of leaking the movie online, by collecting around 36.45 crore on the very first day of collection and shutting the face of those who are against the movie.

Below is the Day wise collections of the movie and Day-by-day collection reports.

1st Day Rs 36.54 Cr Rs 20.41 Cr
2nd Day Rs 37.20 Cr Rs 18.79 Cr
3rd Day Rs 31.66 Cr Rs 17.65 Cr
1st Weekend Rs 105.50 Cr Rs 56.87 Cr
4th Day Rs 37.10 Cr Rs 15.20 Cr
5th Day Rs 38.21 Cr Rs 19.27 Cr
6th Day Rs 15.54 Cr Rs 13.20 Cr
7th Day Rs 12.92 Cr Rs 11.50 Cr
1st Week Rs 208.82 Cr Rs 117.15 Cr
8th Day  Rs 10.82 Cr  Rs 7.04 Cr
9th Day Rs 9.52 Cr Rs 6.34 Cr
10th Day Rs 7.43 Cr Rs 5.80 Cr
2nd Weekend Rs 236.50 Cr  Rs 136.33 Cr
11th Day Rs 11.46 Cr Rs 2.61 Cr
12th Day Rs 15.18 Cr Rs 2.35 Cr
13th Day Rs 4.08 Cr Rs 2.20 Cr
14th Day Rs 3.72 Cr Rs 2.10 Cr
Total 2 Weeks Rs 271.03 Cr Rs 145.49 Cr
15th Day Rs 3.42 Cr Rs 2.90 Cr
16th Day Rs 3.51 Cr Rs 2.15 Cr
17th Day Rs 2.14 Cr Rs 1.38 Cr
3rd Weekend Rs 280.10 Cr Rs 151.92 Cr
18th Day  Rs 3.81 Cr Rs 0.80 Cr
19th Day Rs 5.14 Cr Rs 0.54 Cr
20th Day Rs 1.30 Cr Rs 0.46 Cr
21st Day Rs 1.25 Cr Rs 0.38 Cr
Total 3 Weeks Rs 291.60 Cr Rs 154.10 Cr
22nd Day Rs 1.15 Cr Rs 0.35 Cr
23rd Day Rs 1.05 Cr Rs 0.28 Cr
24th Day Rs 0.57 Cr Rs 0.17 Cr
4th Weekend Rs 294.37 Cr Rs 154.90 Cr
25th Day Rs 0.98 Cr Rs 0.35 Cr
26th Day Rs 1.51 Cr Rs 0.30 Cr
27th Day Rs 0.34 Cr Rs 0.27 Cr
28th Day Rs 0.36 Cr Rs 0.23 Cr
Total 4 Weeks Rs 297.56 Cr Rs 156.05 Cr
29th Day Rs 0.34 Cr Rs 0.23 Cr
30th Day Rs 0.30 Cr* Rs 0.17 Cr
India Net. Till Now Rs 298.20 Cr Rs 156.45 Cr
India Gross So Far Rs 413.75 Cr  
Worldwide Net. Rs 454.65 Cr [298.20+156.45]
Worldwide Gross Rs 570.20 Cr


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