Salman khan’s Sultan Movie Crossed Rs. 500 Crores As Worldwide Box Office Collection

Sultan movie collection

Sultan is one of the recently released flick of Salman Khan and doing a great business on the box office. Sultan was released on 6th July 2016 on the big screens worldwide and had done a huge collection in just few days. More of the sources had said that Kabali will affect the collection of Sultan but nothing of that guesses got true here.

Sultan is one of the blockbuster of the year as the film had attracted a large number of audience towards it. Sultan had collected more than Rs. 500 cr. on the box office and it is still doing good business on the box office day by day. Sultan had collected a great amount on the box office as the makers of the film had expected before the official release of the film. Sultan was based on the life of a wrestler that how a common wrestling lover wants to be in his life and had faced many problems to become the world champion.

Sultan movie collection

Salman is playing the leading role of the film and he did so well with his character and really loved by the audience. Salman is one of the finest actor of the Bollywood film industry and here in Sultan he puts his best efforts to make his role more awesome. Film was released on 6th July 2016 and had done a huge collection on the box office.

The one who had watched the film is just said the story of the film is so amazing and impressive and interesting and they really like the film. Specially Salman who had shown his great acting in his new avatar. More of the audience from Haryana and UP was attracted towards the film as wrestling is one of the sports which nearly find in those states only.

As Kabali had spread its hype on the box office so it had put a bad impact on Sultan’s collection and the rate of earnings of Sultan is just got down. Sultan had broken many of the records of Bollywood and stands at 4th highest earner on the box office in the Bollywood world.

Sultan had collected more than Rs. 35.76 cr. on the box office on the very first day of its release. The overall collection of Sultan is stands at Rs.550.43 cr. worldwide. Sultan is still on the big screens and continuing with its business. For more to know about the film stay tuned with us.


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