{Sam Is Alive & Problem with Mary Winchester} Supernatural Season 12 News Teaser Trailer Spoilers

Supernatural Season 12 pic

When Alpha and Omega came to know that family is more important than any other thing they decided to go far away from earth into the universe we don’t know for where. But the major thing is the cliffhanger on which the season 11 of Supernatural ended.

Supernatural season 12 PicAs you can recall at the end of the episode Alpha and Omega, God Chuck and his sister Amara left the earth on the hands of Dean and Sam. But before going God Chuck left a parting girt for the Dean. he told dead that he is going to leave something for Dean that he wants the most. As the Dean was making his way from the woods, he saw her mother Mary standing in the wood. Whereas on the other side when Castiel and Sam enters the bunker they saw a british women already standing there. In puff of a second this british lady banish Castiel with warding. This british lady introduced herself as Antonia Bevell of the Man of Letters. She told Sam that she is sent er from the London’s Men of Letters to bring in Sam And Dean for the punishment as they almost bring the word to end many times. Sam tried to reason with her but she fires her gun and the season was ended at that point.

Now the fans are eager to know what will happen and what is there fro wincherster boys in season 12. There are all sorts of questions like what will happen with Sam. And how Dean and Sam going to built there relationship with there resurrected mother.
Below there is a teaser trailer for season 12. ALthough it is not an official trailer from for the season 12 but it is screens by Supernatural Team at the Comic Con 2016.

Now from the teaser trailer you can see that Sam is very much alive but is abducted by that british women, Antonia Bevell. Although he is abducted by Antonia but he is also being tortured by her. Antonia is shown torturing Sam in a very horrible way possibly imagine. Now Sam’s fate is depends on Dean. It’s upto dean how he will save his lil Sammy.

Supernatural season 12 PicAt the same time relationship between Dean and his mother is also not shown to much good. Mary haven’t shown a single time to talking to Dean.

Now if we look at the facts, Dean was very small and Sam was just a baby when their mother died. So practically there is no bond between them and it’s been more than 25 years. Mary don’t know anything about Dean or Sam and the gap is really huge to cover.

Supernatural is coming back this fall on The Cw from October 13 from 9 pm to 10 pm.


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