Samsung To Reveal Projects From Its Secret Lab At CES

Samsung has finally decided to display projects from its secret Creative Lab at the CES in the upcoming week. The South Korean company has always guarded its secrets but has shown readiness to reveal the three projects it is planning to launch soon. One of the new projects is Welt, a belt that helps user maintain waistline as it keeps on counting the steps taken, and the amount of time the user was sitting all the day. Welt also keeps a track of eating habits of the user.

Rink and TipTalk-The New Surprises

Another soon-to-be-launched product is Rink that comes, with virtual reality headsets and hand-motion controller for games. The innovative design of Rink is a surprise package as instead of regular gloves pair the designer has created them in form of straps that can be easily worn. The third product soon to be unveiled is TipTalk, the most unusual watchstrap that can easily attach to smartwatches such as the GearS2 and it also holds the accessory in one place.

Watchstraps from Samsung allow user listen music or take a call and talk by pressing a finger near the ear. Apart from these three, Samsung has its engineers working on many other projects at the Creative Lab or the C-Lab. The Korean manufacturer has decided to follow its American rivals in this regard and has given its 350 engineers a break for developing new ideas. Samsung is believed to be planning to launch more projects in November 2016 this includes a helping device to learn violin and a shoe insert for monitoring posture.

Apple’s Secret Lab in Taiwan

Apple has a secret lab located in Taiwan where new display technology is being planned and designed for future Apple devices. Bloomberg report says that Apple moved the lab facility to Taiwan in April after purchasing it from Qualcomm. Apple is using the lab for developing its screen technology-Mirasol.


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