Scientists recreate 12500 years old Proto Pita Bread our ancestors used to ate

An International team of scientists from London have recreated prehistoric bread that our ancestor relished 12,500 years ago. This comes as an informative news for all the researchers worldwide.

At Huzuq Musa located in Israel’s Jordan Valley, there is a presence of a facility where stone utensils were at use to make flour have been deciphered, and it reveals the contribution of bread to local Natufian people’s diet.

It’s amazing that a group of persons consisting of Israeli researchers went back to the starting of the Stone Age to prepare lunch for themselves.

The researchers learnt to reconstruct the ways in which the ancestors processed the barley to produce bread using 12,500-year-old ancient tools.

The ancient tools included conical mortars that were carved out of the bedrock. The food was called proto pita. This resulted in the preparation of an ancient cuisine.

Husuq Musa, the region in Israel where the remaining of the prehistoric was discovered had an estimated population of hundred people.

The discovery of the four large floors at the site with the age-old tools carved out of stone revealed the information that this kind of arrangement processed a huge quantity of barley for the inhabitants of the place

.The report on the studies was made by Professor Mordechai Kislev, an expert in Archaeobotany from the Bar-Ilan University of Israel.

These findings proved that the nutrition from the wild grains emerged long time back, dating back to 2,000 and 3,000 years before the hunters of the mankind established a society comprising of families and several communities.


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