Self-Driving Electric Cars – uncomplicated way to reduce automotive emissions

Autonomous Driving Units or Self-driving electric cars have been getting a lot of attention in recent times and have been hailed as the future of transportation.

However, there are a lot of testings and ironing out to be done before they could be rolled out en masse. Still people have started to think about the future and how this technology can be adapted to benefit the society.

Self-driving cars is being touted as the transport of future, and one of the benefits that are harped upon by the proponents of the self-driving cars is fuel efficiency.

However, it will be difficult to put on paper and quantify the benefits of technology that is largely theoretical.

However, researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory think that they have been able to deduce the benefits. In a recent study, it has been claimed that substituting all private cars with a fleet of self-driving electric taxis can cut greenhouse emissions by a whopping 90%.

The study further adds that electric powertrains can eliminate oil consumptions in cars, and it will be the greenest and the most economical solution.

Experts feel that the self-driving electric car will carry a price tag of $150000, and autonomous electric taxis will recover its costs in five years.

It can be achieved by cutting the cost of the fuel, negating the need for a driver; the autonomous unit will run 24 hours a day, seven days a week thus increasing the number of fares.

There are issues that need to be taken care of, for example, the limited range of most Self-driving electric cars will be a problem. However, the majority of the cars will be a part of a coordinated fleet and in such a setup, a car that requires a charge-up can be replaced by another car.

The taxis will be operated primarily in urban areas, and the distance of a single trip is not going to be more than the car’s range.
The first 200-mile electric car is scheduled to hit the roads in two to three years.


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