Selfie with Rattlesnake craziness results in $153K medical bill

Taking selfie with a snake can be dangerous and expensive at times and this incident happened in San Diego will second that!

A San Diego resident Todd Fassler was reportedly bitten by a rattlesnake earlier this month while trying to capture a selfie with the snake.

Like for most of the snake-bite victims, he was given required doses of antivenom CroFab in the hospital. CroFab is the only current anti-dot available in the medical field to counteract the potentially lethal rattlesnake’s venom.

Selfie with Rattlesnake

The amount of Crofab doses depend on the extent of the poison injected into the body. A bite from a less poisonous snake require up to three doses of CroFab only, but a more toxic snake like a rattlesnake bite might require dozens of doses.

“The only effective treatment is antivenom,” said Dr. Keith Boesen, director of the Arizona Poison & Drug Information Center.

He further added, “There are blood tests we can do to determine the effect of the venom. Hospital bills can always be worked out or negotiated, but you can’t really negotiate, other than prosthetics, the loss of part of your hand or your arm.”

For Todd Fassler, the snake bite resulted in a shocking medical bill worth $153,000 for his whole treatment. His bill included a line item of $83,341.25 for “pharmacy” to cover the antivenom.

According to his original medical reports, his treatment used up the antivenom supply from two hospitals. The main speculated the reason behind this much of bill is that for most of the snake bite victims, there is only one manufacturer, and thus the supply of the antivenom doses are limited.

Apart from that, a snake bite victim needs emergency medical services, a prescribed few days in ICU and if needed, a proper medical therapy to recover from the damage completely.

According to some reports available, every year in The US, around 7,000 to 8,000 people fall prey to the deadly snake bites.

And out of the total, about 5 dies due to the lack of timely medical aid.


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