Sexy Pictures of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Go Viral

aylor Swift and Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are now enjoying the first anniversary of their relationship. The couple took sometime from their busy schedule, and they enjoyed this week with love and passion.

The stars, on March 15, 2016 have posted their pictures of the tropical holidays on their official social media handle.

A picture shared by Taylor Swift has portrayed the couple in the most elegant manner. The picture which is featured with a simple heart emoji features her sharing a deep kiss with Calvin Harris. Her leg was seen propped up just like we have seen in movies.

Another picture shared by Calvin Harris has their initials written in sand ‘T.S and A.W’. At this juncture, readers should remind that Adam Richard Wiles is the real name of Calvin Harris.

He also posted another picture of Taylor Swift portraying her sexy bikini body. Swift was seen wearing two different swimsuits in the pictures posted.

aylor Swift and Calvin Harris

A video which has been posted has Taylor jumping from a floating device, and well, the jump did not go smoothly as expected. The video was captioned ”That Time when we finally took a vacation”. Some of the pictures posted by Calvin Harris clearly indicates how deeply the duo have enjoyed their romantic outing.

aylor Swift and Calvin Harris

The duo celebrated the auspicious moment by cutting a cake covered with chocolate icing. The phrase ‘1 Year’ was written in the cake.

Earlier, Calvin Harris has gifted Taylor a locket engraved with ‘3/6/2015’, the day which marked the trigger of romance between the two.

According to a close source, Calvin is not such type of guy who believes in flashy gifts, and he is well aware that Taylor is fond of small and meaningful things. The source also added that Taylor Swift is very much impressed with the way Calvin is handling things.


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