Shoe-Makers to English Champions: The story of Leicester City FC’s Success

Mostly known for their quality leather products, especially shoes, a town of population 383,000 Leicester are now on a different map altogether.

Struggling and battling against relegation, until the end of season 2014-15, Leicester City have now been crowned English Champions, with two games to spare.

A fate conquered by only a select few before them.
The end of the season saw Leicester languishing at the bottom of the table (14th).

Most people credit current manager Claudio Ranieri for their success, but little has been said of their former manager, Nigel Pearson.

In the 2012/13 season, the club finished 8th. Since then, they have managed to qualify for the Premier League, battle for relegation once, and come back and win the title.

All until June, 2015, under the watch of Nigel Pearson. Be the reasons as they may, there’s no denying that his role was commendable.

Regardless, Ranieri’s men have managed to show that money can not run the show in England, for long. As we cherish the coronation of the most unlikely of contenders, here are a few facts that have made the past season just a tad more interesting:

· The odds of them winning the PL was 5000-1 (the Pope has better odds of becoming the US President)

· The only teams to beat Leicester since April, 2015 are Chelsea and Arsenal

· They are the first team outside of London or Manchester to win the league, since Blackburn in 1995

· The Foxes have the third lowest possession, lowest pass success rate and the third lowest no. of long balls in the league

· Mark Schwarzer is the only player to win back to back PL titles, without even playing a match (Chelsea and Leicester)

· Robert Huth is only the seventh player to win the title with two different clubs (2with Chelsea and one with Leicester)

· Peter Schmeichel and Casper Schmeichel are the only biological father-son duo to have achieved this fate (both as goalkeepers)

· Vardy is the only player to score in 11 consecutive PL games

· Leicester had a total of 41 points at the end of last season, 35 less than what they now have with two games to spare

Speechless as the world has been left, one can’t help but make way for the most deserving champions. No one in history has beaten odds so much against them.


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