Siya Ke Ram 11th August Episode Written Updates Recap: Hanuman Brings Sanjeevani For Laxman

Siya Ke Ram

Trijata tells some Vaid names to Ram. Ram thanks her and she goes. Vibhishan tells that Vaid is not in Lanka since one year. Hanuman asks where they can find them. Vibhisham tells. Hanuman says he will go and find Vaid from anywhere. Ram says ok. Hanuman flies. He reaches home of Vaidraj and he searches him. He thinks no one is here and Vibhishan’s words were true that he is not in Lanka. Suddenly he listens something broke. He sees a secret path and goes to him. Vaidhraj becomes scared to see him. Hanuman says he did not come here to harm him.

Siya Ke Ram

Hanuman says why he is scared and hiding in his own house. Vaidhraj says he is not hiding but Meghnath has prisoned him here and Meghnath has warned him not to come out of his house. Hanuman says he is a dirty man and only he can do this. He assures Vaidhraj that he is with him and no one can harm him. He asks him to come with him as Lakshman is injured and Meghnath used his some powers. Vaidhraj says he cannot go anywhere as Meghnath is so cruel. Hanuman thinks he had to come by hook or crook. Hanuman holds his up and flies.

Hanuman reaches Ram’s place and introduces Vaidhraj. Ram says Lakshman is in danger and only he can cure him. He pleads him to help him. Vaidhraj says he lives in Lankesh’s raj and if he will help their enemies then Lankesh will kill him. Hanuman says you are Vaid and your priority is to cure your patient. Hanuman says he doesnot need to worry about Lankesh as no one can harm him until Ram is here. Vaidh sees Lakshman and tells there is only one way that is Sanjeevi booti. Everyone worries. Vaidhji says only that can save his life. He also adds if he will not get Sanjeevni booti then Lakshman will die for sure. Hanuman asks where he will find that. Vaidhji says on Himalayas.


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