Siya Ke Ram 5th August 2016 Written Episode Updates SKR Recap: Tarini Challenges Ram For War

Siya Ke Ram

Ravan talks rudely to his father. His father says he always forgived him but now his one son is dies and one son went away. Meghnath is his grandson and Mandodri is daughter in law. Only this much family is left and now he cannot see them dyeing like this. He tells did he know who is Sita and who is Ram. Ravan says he is ordinary Priest. His father says he is Lord Vishnu. Ravan laughs and says he is not scared. Kaikesi says only Vishnu can kill Kumbhkran. Ravan reacts weirdly and says he has so fear that he is vibrating.

Siya Ke Ram

Ravan asks his father did he know who is he, he is winner of three worlds and king of everybody. Ravan says find out what is truth and this could only do his son who is devotee of Vishnu. He says if Ram is really Vishnu then only he can kill Tarini. Mandodri cries and says he is not involved in this battle. She touches his feet and says he is innocent. Ravan says a son’s responsibility is that to follow his orders. Ravan goes to Tarini and he touches Ravan’s feet. Tarini says he is scared as Ravan doesnot like him as he worships Narayan.

Ravan says its not your fault. He says he came here to take him. Tarini becomes happy. Sugriv says Lankesh is less powerful and only Meghnath is left. Lakshman says why he is not coming to battle. Jamvant asks why Lanka has not destroyed before. Vibhishan says there is best devotee of Narayan in Lanka. Ravan’s son Tarini says he cannot fight in battle as he left use of weapons and he only wants to get peace in his life. Ravan says if he will go in battle then he will make a temple of Narayan in Lanka and let him do worship of Lord Vishnu. Tarini says he will.


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