Siya Ke Ram 8th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap SKR: Ram Become King Of Ayodhya

Siya Ke Ram

Ram and Sita reaches. Saints comes and tells we have to do pooja before sunset. Bharat sits on wooden logs and burn the logs. Everyone gets shocked. Kaikeyi cries. Ram does pooja. Lakshman says we should go to Ayodhya. Jamvant says he should also leave. Ram says please come with us and seek our hospitality. Jamvant says its time to leave. Ram says fine. He goes. Hanuman flies and sees Bharat on fire. He gets shocked. He blows air and fire goes. He opens his eyes and sees there is no fire. He becomes angry and asks who did this and he has to fulfill his promise. Hanuman comes and says sorry he did this. Bharat says how you came here. He says he came with message of Ram.

Siya Ke Ram

Bharat asks what he said if he wants to say that he is not returning. Hanuman says no he is coming to Ayodhya with Lakshman and Sita. Everyone becomes joyful. Hanuman asks Bharat to come out and wait for Ram. He asks if he is saying truth. He becomes happy. Bharat says he is blessed to see him and he told good news to him. Bharat says he does not have any gift to give him. Bharat introduces Hanuman to everyone. Kaushalya ssys your mother is great which gave birth to son like you. He gave news that made them happy. They are waiting for Ram. Sumitra says he gave new life to them and Raghukul will be obliged to him. Ram arrives there with Sita and Lakshman. Everyone cries. Kaushalya looks at him. Ram touches her feet. Sita also goes. Kaushalya hugs her. Kaikeyi hugs Ram. She says my Ram has come. Bharat cries seeing him. He meets him and hugs.

Bharat asks him to come. He washes his feet. Bharat says he was waiting for these moments since years and now he is feeling a big burden is removed from his head and he is feeling guilty as he is the reason for all this. Ram says you are the best brother and he is idol of sacrifice and love. Ram says he never felt that Bharat is not here. He looks at Kaikeyi. Shatrughan says whole Ayodhya will welcome you. Bharat remembers how he said that Kaikeyi is bad mother and he separated his brother with him.


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