Sports Authority Sees Opportunities in E-Commerce; Closing 19 Stores


Sporting goods retailer Sports Authority wants to put more focus on e-commerce as shoppers are moving online.

The retailer is shutting down its 19 stores in California after it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Sports Authority owns and manages 463 stores in 41 states and in Puerto Rico. The company plans to close or sell about 140 stores and two distribution centers.

If you’re looking to buy sporting items, then this is a good time as store-closing sales are expected to begin Friday and are likely to last several weeks. The stores will be closed once all items are sold, Los Angeles Times reported, citing a company’s spokesman.

Sports Authority’s website,, is operated by GSI Commerce. The retailer sees no need for many brick-and-mortar stores as more and more shoppers are moving online.

The company said that bankruptcy protection filing would allow it to adapt to the “changing dynamics” of the retail industry, especially the growth of e-commerce, according to Los Angeles Times.


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