SSEL Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Online: Suhani Doubts On Dadi

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

The show starts and we see suhani checks the place well and doesn’t finds anything there and rushes out to see a car leaving. And thinks who left. There bhavna tells sharad that suhani is not at home and yuvraaj also tries to find her. Sambhav gets a message that she has managed everything. And he asks yuvraaj that he disappeared suhani and yuvraaj says why will he do it. Then suhani comes and says no need to find her and pratima asks her where she was. There fake dadi says to goon to take real dadi to anywhere else and real says that now suhani has got doubt and she will find me. And dadi says that she knows suhani well she is very determined and fake cant save itself from her eyes.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Fake dadi asks goon to take her and says she cant find the truth. Pratima says to yuvraaj that suhani is not telling anything and he says she will tell when she wants. Doctor says suhani is fine but needs rest, and suhani asks where is dadi. Everyone says they don’t know and bhavna tells that she has gone out. Suhani asks them to find her as she wants to meet her, and sambhav says relax she will come soon. Then dadi comes with soumya and asks suhani that where did she go, and she tells near handpump area. Dadi says that she knows and got her there and asks her to take rest. Rags asks menka to get water and and headache medicine along with food. And menka brings it and massages her head. They talks about soumya and doubts on her. There soumya talks to dadi that she saw her near handpump area as suhani saw, then dadi asks her not to threat.

Soumya says that she is asking for one thing in return that let the keys be with her and she agrees. Pratima asks yuvraaj to give milk to suhani as she has some work in kitchen, and he agrees. There yuvaan tells suhani that kids decorated the room for her and she thanks them, then sambhav comes and asks him to go out and play and kids leave. He asks suhani that where she went without informing her and she says that she wants to take rest, he gets angry and asks her to go home with him.

Yuvraaj comes and hears it suhaani says no she will go when she will get fine and he leaves agreeing. Yuvraaj gives milk to suhaani and asks about what happened and says she saw dadi helping her there. She says that he shouldn’t have blamed rags. She thanks him and he leaves saying all will be fine. Then suhani goes to dadi’s room and sees her sleeping, she checks for some clues but couldn’t find anything in her phone and leaves. Then dadi opens eyes smiling and says she wont let her win…

In next show we will see suhani tells yuvraaj that she was following dadi not dadi was following her and she asks dadi why she burnt that place…………


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