New Study Confirms Vampires Are Real

Recent studies have confirmed the unreal – Vampires are real. Although, they are not the picture perfect creatures of the night with their tormented souls and perfectly well-dressed bodies like the ones you see on Twilight.

However, there are human beings who identify themselves as vampires. They could sleep in coffins and drink blood. But the one thing they do need would be psychotherapy as well as medical help.

The Director of Social Work at Idaho University, DJ Williams has thus concluded study and had it published in Critical Social Work’s July issue.

Along with his co-author, a researcher at Canyon’s college, Williams had interviewed around 11 vampires from across South Africa and United States. They discovered that fear of being called psychopathological or wicked or incompetent in the typical social roles like parenting.

It was noted that the people they interviewed functioned perfectly normally, purely based on the questions pertaining to their demography as well as on the psychiatric histories in both social and occupational roles. Besides this, they have also achieved success in careers of their choice.

Williams suggested viewing this as alternate identity. He asked clinicians to simply treat it like a condition adopted by other kin, Goths and the furries.

Rapid advancement in technology that provide a social environment that is conducive to the development of unique identities that are also not traditional, according to Williams.

These vampires have a regular job. They also participate in broader communities in the areas in which they live. They are like people in the mainstream The only difference is, they have identified themselves as vampires.


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