Study Finds Cannabis Smoking Affects White Matter, Causes Psychosis

Smoking skunk weed cannabis increases the risk of mental disorders according to the findings of a new joint study conducted by researchers at the King’s College, London and Sapienza University, Rome. Causing serious harm to the brain’s white matter and the corpus callosum nerve fibers, cannabis proved to be a potent danger to mental health. The study has further strengthened the findings of past studies that claimed that prolonged cannabis use was a major trigger of psychosis.

The findings of the latest study that was initiated by neurobiologist Dr. Paola Dazzan have been published in the Psychological Medicine journal. According to him, the levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) extracts in cannabis were the main cause of the mental disorder.

Study Analysis

For the study, the researchers analyzed 56 patients who were diagnosed with psychosis and 43 volunteers. The white matter of these study participants were scanned using the diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

It was found that those who had a greater intake of cannabis on a daily level showed diffusion in the white matter of the brain or corpus callosum causing problems in information transfer in the nervous system. The risk was slightly less for people who smoked cannabis with lower THS levels.

Dazzan said that the breakthrough study was a first but did not confirm that THS levels inflicted damage to the nerves in the brain as people who smoked cannabis could have a damaged corpus callosum. Active smokers were still at a greater risk than others and the risk was least or negligible for non smokers.

Awareness On Cannabis Was Vital

The researcher noted that the study was an indicator to the damage that cannabis could potentially cause to the brain and this called in for some awareness for people who smoked the skunk weed. The masses need to be educated about the risk of cannabis so that they know what they are getting themselves into, Dazzan said.

Dazzan was part of another study conducted in February that linked skunk availability in South London as a major cause of rising psychosis cases in the region.

Source: Tech Times  Hue Wire


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