Stunning view of Sahara desert from space!

NASA veteran Astronaut, Jeff Williams who is aboard the ISS or the International Space Station is following the path of his comrades Tim Kopra and Tim Peake and posting breathtaking pictures and video of different locations on Earth.

Jeff has just posted jaw-dropping and breathtaking pictures of the mysterious and wild Sahara Desert. These pictures will surely leave you speechless.

It was something which has been associated with NASA’s Scott Kelly, who took mind blowing pictures every day during his 206 days stint aboard the ISS. Now Jeff Williams is also following his footsteps.

Jeff pointed his camera at the Sahara, the largest desert on the Planet. Sahara looks very enticing and spectacular from space and does not give an inkling of the extreme conditions in the desert.

It will be a lesson for future astronauts who are to visit Mars, the actual conditions are often worse than what they seem from only 200 KMs away.

The structure is a gorgeous depiction of the Sahara desert with stunning bare rocks which emerge from a sea of sand and form beautiful landmark which led to the astronauts clicking it on their cameras.

Jeff is a part of the Expedition 47 crew and has been entrusted with conducting some important experiments about how plants perceive gravity and how fluids shift in an astronaut’s body. The crew members are also learning how long stints in Zero Gravity affect the human body, especially the bones and muscles.

The crew has set up the botany gear and collected samples as a part of the Plant Gravity Sensing-3 experiment. The experiment seeks to understand how plants sense gravity and how the concentration of Calcium in their cells changes.

The crew is also conducting experiments on the effects of Zero gravity on the human body, especially fluids in the human body. An astronaut’s cells and blood vessels react to the lack of gravity, and it could affect brain pressure as well as vision.


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