Sultan 35th Day Collection Details: Salman Khan’s Hit Movie Cross The Mark Of Rs 300 Crores On India Box Office


The one of the biggest movie of the decade and enormous blockbuster. The movie Sultan was based truly on the sports genre and shows the true spirit and dedication, Wrestling is the biggest sport in the world which is considered to be both physically and mentally beneficial for our body. The movie does support the wrestling which was lost somewhere in the today’s world and this is what truly needed to be in today’s movies. The movies do show how a common man from the village of Haryana, set his life on a goal which he wants to achieve at any cost, but due to both financial and professional problems. He has to take a very big leap from the game and to lost all his valour.


The superstar Salman khan who has played the lead role of ‘Sultan Ali khan’ who is a well-known wrestler and is one of the biggest athletes of Indian origin. This movie is basically a bio-movie on is life and how he managed to tackle both personal and professional problems in his life. The movie is having quite a big buzz and even the trailer of the movie has got so much to show in it. The movie was released on 6th of July and has collected around 37 crores on the very first day of is release.

The movie was directly in competition with one of the biggest ‘Kabali’ which is starring the god-like personality of South industry and also the biggest personality worldwide, with his one of the biggest movie to be released just sometimes after the releases of sultan has made very tough competition for the Salman’s Sultan but, the movie show his worth and made his way to the audience hearts. The movie is related both domestically and internationally and got a huge and tremendous response from both critics and audience.

The biggest buzz for the movie is that the movie has been leaked online on the darknet, but the situation didn’t get too much worse and the cyber-cell got to hand all over the websites and banned them so that there will be no further activities to be happened on the movie. The movie still manages to make it’s way to the top movies and got the biggest response from the World. The movie collections and earning reports of the movie are given below which is showing the day-by-day collection is given below:

1st Day Rs 36.54 Cr Rs 20.41 Cr
2nd Day Rs 37.20 Cr Rs 18.79 Cr
3rd Day Rs 31.66 Cr Rs 17.65 Cr
1st Weekend Rs 105.50 Cr Rs 56.87 Cr

1st Week Rs 208.82 Cr Rs 117.15 Cr

2nd Weekend Rs 236.50 Cr Rs 136.33 Cr

Total 2 Weeks Rs 271.03 Cr Rs 145.49 Cr

3rd Weekend Rs 280.10 Cr Rs 151.92 Cr

Total 3 Weeks Rs 291.60 Cr Rs 154.10 Cr

4th Weekend Rs 294.37 Cr Rs 154.90 Cr

Total 4 Weeks Rs 297.56 Cr Rs 156.05 Cr

India Net. Till Now Rs 298.20 Cr
India Gross So Far Rs 413.75 Cr
Worldwide Net. Rs 454.65 Cr [298.20+156.45]
Worldwide Gross Rs 570.20 Cr.

Sultan which has got more than 5600 screens world-wide has shown his worth and valor to the other superstars, after breaking the records the movie is now slowing its pace down and has already come out of many screens.


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