Sunita Williams in Nasa project to put man on Mars

On July 11, it was reported that among the four astronauts to have been selected for the commercial flight from US soil to International Space Station by NASA is Indian-American Sunita Williams.

To understand both design and operations, the team will work with the teams that are led by the companies. They will finalize the operational strategies as well as the spacecraft like Boeing CST-100 and SpaceX Crew Dragon.

Apart from Ms. Williams, Robert Behnken, Douglas Hurley and Eric Boe have been chosen and will be trained for the spaceflights that are commercial.

With this space expeditions, launches in the future will hopefully return to the US soil. In addition, the near-Earth-orbit expeditions can be undertaken from the private sector

Charles Bolden, the NASA Administrator, has stated that the astronauts who are both distinguished and veteran are on a blazing trail.

He hoped that this would land them in history books. He also hoped that this will launch Americans in Mars.

Sunita Williams

The US Navy Captain, Ms.Williams had received her Navy Commission in May 1987. She later became a helicopter pilot and has logged more than 3,000 flights since then in more than 30 different aircrafts.

She was chosen for an astronaut program in 1988. During her entire lifetime, she has spent 322 days in space.

Ms. Williams is the current holder of the record for the total cumulative spacewalk time held by a female, which is roughly 50 hours and 40 minutes.

This puts her in the sixth place on the US endurance test, all time at that, and the second ranking all-time for a female astronaut.


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