Swaragini 17th June 2016 Today’s Update: Sahil Saw Kissan As Sanskar & Ragini Got Injured In Accident


Last night in Swaragini we saw that Sahil saw Kissan and Swara together. Swara introduced Kissan to Sahil. Swara said that I am Kissan’s partner so as to make him qualified in India’s Got Talent. Sahil said to Swara that Kissan can never be a good singer. Swara holds Kissan when he fell down while dancing. Sahil was annoyed to see this.

Ragini was moving to take her phone. Annapurna asked Ragini to take care of herself. Parineeta taunted Ragini by saying that where is your focus and why you forgets that you are pregnant. Sahil was annoyed seeing Swara curing Kissan. Parineeta took some medicines from a nurse to abort Ragini’s baby. Swara was teaching Kissan but Sahil took Swara along with him. Ragini met Kissan at Swara’s home. Swara apologized To Ragini for making mess at Maheshwari house. Lakshya asked Swara not to worry about it. Swara introduced Kissan to Lakshya.


Ragini said that it seems I have saw you once before. Lakshya recognized that Kissan is non other than Sanskar. Lakshya told this to Ragini.

Today In Swaragini we will see that agini and Lakshya will move back to home after meeting Swara. Ragini will hug Lakshya when he will ne driving the car. Ragini will see a truck coming in front of their car. She will scream and Lakshya will turn the car aside. The acr will get hit in a tree.

They both will get injures while Ragini will be found heavily injures as bleeding will start from her hand. On the other hand we will see that Sahil will be annoyed because of Kissan. Sanskar will be in his room and will remove his vig. Sahil will be Sanskar behind the character of Kissan and will decide to expose him. Let’s see what will happen next.


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