Swaragini 9th September 2016 Written Episode Live Updates Video: Adarsh Meet Sanskar’s Boss


In the last episode of Swaragini we saw that Dadi was very happy to see what was happening with Annapurna and Durga Prasad and she is very impressed by what Parineeta and Adarsh were doing, Parineeta tells Dadi that she make Annapurna grind all the flour with the traditional way which can easily make anyone drained within minutes and will go to give pain to the whole body, even then PArineeta makes her plead in front of her so that she will get medicine for Durga prasad.


She pleads and she gives the medicine to her, Ragini and Swara was very happy with Laksh and Sanaksar that not got the loan and other got a job which will soon go to change their condition and bring their family again together. Dadi later calls Adarsh and tells him the company which accepts the proposal of Sanskar to give him loan and Adarsh promise him that he will not go to get the job at any cost. Swara and Ragini later go to Maheshwari home to see the condition of Annapurna, they both gets very miserable and becomes angry too by looking at the condition od both of them and on the deeds of Parineeta.

Parineeta gave work to Annapurna and went to her room, Swara and Ragini who were watching them comes inside to meet her and ask her to let them meet on Durga Prasad too. While they were coming inside Ragini makes some noise which gets listened by Parineeta and she comes along with Adarsh to the kitchen, but as Annapurna listens them coming She makes both of them hide inside the kitchen. They both come inside and Annapurna makes Swara and Ragini hides inside the Kitchen, Adarsh searched but they didn’t find anything and later on goes to his room. Swara and Ragini go from there promising them to free them soon from this hell.

Sujata who was very angry from all this again starts cursing Adarsh and Parineeta, but suddenly Laksh gets a call and went somewhere, he got the call from his boss asking him to come for the job. While he was going to do the delivery, he got into regular checking  which was on the road and he too gets checked, he remembers his bose’s statement which  was told to him about failing to delivery and not to get caught.

Adarsh comes to meet the company where Sanskar was getting the job and got the loan from and Adarsh tells them that he is a very big fraud and can cheat you very easily, his boss suddenly calls him and fires him, Sanskar gets shocked. In the home, everyone was about to know about what Laksh is doing when they find the packet which Laksh has put into the cupboard to be delivered.


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