Taiwan’s First Zika Virus Patient Detected At The Taoyuan International Airport

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed that the first Zika virus in Taiwan has been detected at the Taoyuan International Airport. Until now the virus infections was restricted only to the Southeast Asian region.

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Taiwan, the virus patient is a 24 –year-old adult who was going to Taipei from Northern Thailand and was in the country for some personal work along with two of his companions.

On his arrival at the airport, the fever screening station detected him and after further testing by the Taiwan’s CDC laboratory, it was found that he was having Ziku viral infection. Both his companions tested negative for the virus. The patient is under observation and receiving treatment at a local hospice.

First Ziku virus case in Taiwan

Steve Kuo, Director General CDC while talking to the local Taiwanese media said that it was the first Ziku virus case in Taiwan ever since the agency started monitoring and testing people for the virus since 2003.

How bad is Ziku virus?

Ziku is a type of mosquito-borne disease, almost similar to the fatal dengue. The CDC said that the virus is a type of second-category notifiable infection disease that requires the doctors to report their cases within one day of its detection.

Although it is the first time that a Ziku virus patient has been detected in Taiwan, in some countries like Brazil it has become an epidemic. What’s more, the virus has been found to be interlinked with several cases of microcephaly, a type of rare brain ailment that affects the babies.

The problem is on the rise in Brazil and the investigation by the health ministry officials of the country has revealed that there is a link between the sudden Ziku virus outbreak and the brain disease in Brazil. However, it is still not clear how the virus causes a defect in the brain.


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