Tamil “Metro” Movie Review: Live Updates & Public Ratings

Metro Tamil Movie

The Tamil movie directors has taken a very big step and has advanced their methods and ways of creating and plotting the story of their movies one of the finest example of their enhancing perfection is Metro.

A movie is going to be play a very important role in society because every movie which features society problems js based on some of the true events and have a very good casting  and story plotting. This movie Metro which is an upcoming Tamil movie which is based on the Tamil’s favorite genre, action/Thriller genre film is what is most wanted and have the most fan following movie in Tamil and it’s neighbor.  This movie is directed by Anandakrishnan who is very known and famous director because of his direction in the last movies,This movie will going to be his second play on his fortune and his experience in his second venture.

Metro Tamil Movie

The Star cast of the movie is Shirish, Bobby and Simhaand Sendrayan in the lead roles. The story started when Bobby Simha agreed to work on this project as the antagonist in early 2015, It was his first movie in which he will going to work in a very bigger budget movie despite having begun to work on bigger budget films and moreover as the lead actor in any projects.

This movie has already got so much dedication  by the crew of the members in September 2015, The film’s music composer Johan a well known composer, has traveled the Germany to create and enhance on the film’s sound mixing.

The film has been given an “A” certificate by the Indian Censor Board because of the presence of violent content in the movie. The movie sequences were demanded to be cut short, but the director Anandakrishnan did not agree to this, he believed that the story and content of the story have to be very strong because of the demand of the movie is very strong so there is a need to show-casing these scenes, So he wants to showcase the true Incidents.

The CBFC of Tamil Nadu has totally banned the movie, therefore the director has sent the movie for the Revising committee to seek release. Due to these conflicts, the film’s release got further delayed. After a lot of argument between the cast directors with the board they have come to a decision to release and provide it with an A certificate and without cutting any scene. The release date was fixed as 24 June 2016

The movie’s Trailer as been liked by the people and audience very much because of action genre of the movie and they all are looking forward to expect more from the movie.


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