Tashan-e-ishq 11th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap Video: Yuvi Smirks At Kunj


The show starts and we see kunj is happy in his room thinking that twinkle must be happy as she got what she wants and fb shows his talking with principal in which he ask principal to get twinkle’s admission instead of it he will train his students, and asks to not to tell her that he did this and principal agrees, fb ends. he says that twinkle’s happiness is his happiness. There twinkle and leela talks about her studies and life just then she gets flowers delivered by courier boy and twinkle says that kunj must have sent it, why cant he understand that she doesn’t wants to talk him and calls him.


Twinkle asks Kunj that her decision will not change by sending flowers and he says that he didn’t send flowers and she ends call. Then she says that its must be yuvi then, and gets angry. Just then yuvi comes and twinkle says you…..cutting her words he says that he knows what she wants to say is that she wants to live alone, and that’s why he came for a final goodbye as he is going from her life forever and leaves. Twinkle stays speechless and leela is in tears. There kunj comes to yuvi when yuvi comes out from leela’s house and asks him that why cant he understand that twinkle wants to live alone without us. He asks him that he sent flowers to twinkle? and yuvu laughs at him taunting that its 4g’s world and only kunj can make plans like this not yuvi. Kunj says that slow and steady wins the race and twinkle is only his and will be. Yuvi says that kunj is a loser and cant win as he will win twinkle’s heart, They stares each other and leaves.

In the morning leela gets surprise when she sees twinkle have eaten her breakfast already as she has to go college and twinkle asks her to wish her all the best. Leela brings aarti’s plate and puts tika on her forehead and blesses her to move ahead and success and she leaves. Then twinkle comes outside and thanks god for not looking yuvi and kunj’s drama today and strikes with babey. She asks for blessing and babey says that it will be with you forever and she leaves. There pallavi works in kitchen with usha talking, usha asks her that why she didn’t get married till now. And she replies that she didn’t find a nice guy yet. Usha asks her that what type of guy she wants and sje says that just like kunj as he is perfect in all aspect and says that twinkle doesn’t value him if she would have on her place then she will accept him after 10 years too. Usha gets tensed hearing this.

There twinkle enters in college and gets call from yuvi saying that he is going from her life for her happiness but he will love her forever and ends the call. Twinkle says that yuvi is doing this for my happiness and there is kunj who cant understand this. Then she asks a student about her class and they think her as new teacher, and they laughs at her when she says that she is a student and she leaves. She sees some boys bullying a nerdy boy and stops them to bully him as ragging is not a good thing, and that nerdy boy turns out to be yuvi in disguise as he dressed as a sardar. Then they boys asks her to sing in behalf of him. Then kunj comes to college to teach boxing and bullies got tensed seeing rocky sir. Kunj asks them to go to boxing room and twinkle gets irritated seeing him and says that why he is following her she can take care of herself and he leaves saying that it was his duty as coach. Then yuvi shakes hand with twinkle and says that she can call him jassi and she says that he has to be strong to face these bullies and leaves for her class. Yuvi smirks…..

Precap: we will see yuvi asking kunj to leave twinkle alone as she wants some space and kunj asks him that whats his next plan in all these…..


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