Tashan-e-ishq 1st August 2016 Written Updates Recap Episode: Kunj Accepts His Mistakes In Front Of Twinkle


The show starts with leela and usha’s conversation and leela says that what you think you will switch a key and time will go back to 5 years? No its not like that we cant do things like this even willingly and usha says but we people are same and twinkle was kunj’s wife and she is his wife so both of them should be with each other and tells her that she has arranged pooja at home in the evening and hopes that she will come and leaves then leela makes kunj understand that she respects usha’s emotions as a mother but its about three lives and these big decisions cant be taken emotionally just think before you take any step. Yuvi is sad.


There pallavi is in anger and burns twinkle’s pic and talks with kunj’s pic like a psycho that she will not let him go because he is her rocky, she made him rocky and says that after revant’s death only he was his support she cries and says kunj’s pic to wait and watch what she will do now. All are sitting there in pooja at home and twinkle prays to babaji and asks for solution of her confusions till then usha comes and says that kunj is not in his room and she shows a letter which says I am leaving this house because I don’t want to hurt twinkle and yuvi, yuvi has done a lot for this home in his absence and they both are very happy together and i’ll not come in between.

After telling this usha says to leela that you must be happy now right? I got my son back after so many years but you destroyed our happiness and cries then leela tries to make her understand that kunj didn’t leave just because of me it happened because she talked about marriage to him so much soon and says that why you just think of only kunj you have to think about our three kid’s life and then yuvi says its not time to do arguments and all this I will go to find kunj and usha says that no you stay away from this matter as you are the reason of everything happened and please leave this house my son couldn’t see you both together and left the home then leela says its fine if you want yuvi to leave this home he will live with me and holds his hand and takes him from there, then babey requests the guests to leave and they leave.

Twinkle says to usha that yuvi lived here for as your son for years and you also loved him I have seen but now where that love has gone suddenly? usha says that if yuvi lives here then kunj wont come back and she doesnt wanna lose her son again and says that she will call police as only she has to do something now and goes to call. on the other side kunj is drunk and walking on the road with a wine bottle in his hands and recalls the words of twinkle how she said that only yuvi held her hand in the time of need and he was ready to wipe his identity and to give our baby his name so that she can live and leela’s words that think before you do anything and drinks again.

There usha talks with inspector and asks to find her son as he is missing and inspector says that its not a missing case as the letter says he left the house on his ownso we cant help you then twinkle ensures usha that she will find her kunj and leaves.

Kunj shouts on the road and cries saying twinkle what I did? I destroyed my family my everything and drinks and twinkle is searching kunj alone in empty streets calling his name agin and again she calls him but his phone is switched off! at home babey sees the news on tv that hevy storm and rain is coming outside and shows worry about twinkle is alone finding him then manohar says that I will go to find them and she should not be alone this time outside then babey says that they don’t need to do anything and they have done enough now she will take action and give this responsibility to yuvi and its her final decision. Twinkle sees a church and think of praying there and on the other side yuvi is in his car searching for them both.

Kunj also sees a church and goes inside and prays that god I am culprit and I did everything wrong I didn’t trusted my wife even when she still love me and twinkle comes in church and stands behind a curtain and prays that god I am in a huge confusion of what to do now and my husband didn’t trust me and there was a time when we trusts each other the most and its no love when trust is not in it, I was very happy with him but an accident suddenly changed my life but now my heart is aching and I am searching him. kunj says that I shouldn’t leave my home but I was feeling guilty. Then father sees them in different booths and smiles thinkimg they are talking about each other and says that you should talk to each other then they see each other surprisingly and father leaves saying god bless you!! twinkle holds his collar and asks that why he leave his house again and again and why he doesn’t think of people who cares about him and then kunj says that he accept his fault as he has misunderstandings but what now? he asks her that will she come back to him? will she marry him again? twinkle looks at him and yuvi comes there and sees them silently.

Precap: we will see that kunj says to twinkle that he did mistake before 5 years but he will now never leave them and twinkle says that no I don’t think that I will ever be forgive you and trust you again and kunj gets shocked after hearing this…………


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