Tashan-e-Ishq 28th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates: Kunj Shocked To Know About His Baby


Twinkle listens Pallavi whilse she was calling the manager and ask about London’s flight and she also tells that she will going to convince them at any cost. Twinkle tells to Yuvi that she is taking Kiunj from here, Kunj gives the reason of Tanvi’s way of behaviour. Kunj gives the 2 day time to her for coming back from there, Pallavi tells that once we’ve reached to London nothing will be changed and everything will go on the same way. Manager suddenly tells to Kunj that the event on which they are going has been cancelled.


Pallavi gets shocked to listen to this and its possibilities, but it was all Yuvi’s plan to cancel their plan to go there and he was saying this to Rocky. Twinkle was very sad because of what she was doing with her family, but the sole reason for her doing this is to bring out the truth of Rocky or Kunj in front of everyone. She was only praying to god to bring out the truth in front of everyone and make all the things clear.

Babee and Leela was happy because they have sent Twinkle to mental asylum because of her recent activities, Leela was worried about what she was doing because their is very less chance that she will get success in it. Twinkle mixes so much of chillies in the food and brings the food to everyone through Ushaa and Babee and after they serve the food, when everybody tastes it, they all gets very angry and Manohar shouts over Usha about making this disgusting food for them. Manohar and Kunj leaves because of the bad tasted food.

Twinkle gets into the room of Kunj and starts telling him that she belives that he is kunj, they both gets close and then she starts remembering her all the time they have spent together. Kunj starts acting like he really is Kunj, Twinkle gets very confused about his sudden change in reactions and she starts avoiding him but he gets closer to her as more she pushes her. Twinkle slaps Kunj and ask him not to act like he is really him, and didn’t believe on him. Kunj gets very shocked when she tells that she is happy that their baby gets died before it even comes to us.


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