Tashan-e-ishq 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Yuvi Argue With Kunj


The show starts and we see that yuvi is shouting on guests who were doing gossips about twinkle’s character and says that twinkle is pure even after living with me coz we lived as best friends and took care of each other and nothing else, and asks an lady that he has heard that her son’s marriage is about to break as her daughter in law filed a dowry case on them and asks everyone to not to say a single word about others when they theirselves are not clean and kunj asks them to leave and then usha says that they have only one way to stop people’s mouth from gossips and that is to get twinkle and kunj married and asks that she is calling pandit now and babey and manohar also agrees and says to yuvi that its good you signed divorce paper now only twinkle has to sign them and yuvi smiles with inside sadness.


Twinkle gets irritate with whats happening and runs to her room and kunj also runs after her and asks her to forgive him and for a second chance then she says that his sorry cant change their lives now as everything is not like earlier and tells him that only yuvi was the person who did all his duties which kunj must has done and now he is saying to her to asks yuvi that his guest appearance in her life is over now as her hero has come and he will think that we used him and threw away now and then yuvi comes and says that he is fine and agrees with kunj’s talk and she should marry him and not to feel guilty coz of him and says he deserves whats happening with him coz he had done so much bad with them and he will take it as redemption, what he did for them in last five years.

Then twinkle asks them to stop as she has also her opinion and claps for their both’s drama of asking her to marry with each other and leaves. Then leela asks twinkle that why she ran from there and she has to face her problems and twinkle replies that she has faced a lot problems in last five years and now she is tired of everything and says that no one asks my decisions just tells their now I want to listen my heart and I am cionfused and want some time to take any decisions and leela asks to take her time as no one will pressurize her and twinkle leaves.

In the night twinkle, yuvi, kunj all three are sad on their place recalling their hurtfull words and kunj is in tears thinking about why he did that mistake so that yuvi has come close to twinkle and till then usha comes to him and accuses yuvi for all what is happening and kunj says that no he has not any problem with yuvi and twinkle’s closeness coz they are best friends but I am thinking how to win twinkle’s heart again and babey comes and tells him to take care of twinkle with love as a husband and she will agree, there leela makes yuvi understand there is no fault of him in anything as kunj messed everything coming back after 5 years and gives ganesh idol and says that he loved twinkle with his heart and asks him to listen his heart only and kunj is in tears, there babey also gives idol ganesh to kunj and says that he will set everything fine. In the morning kunj and yuvi both meet as they both are going to meet her and kunj asks to meet her first as he is her husband and then yuvi says that technically he is her husband and he will talk to her first as he has hurt his wife with not asking her opinion and seeing this kunj is stunned……

Precap: we will see that yuvi and kunj says to each other that now leave everything on twinkle the best man for her will win…….


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