Tashan e ishq 5th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Babee Slaps Kunj For His MMS

Tashan e ishq

In the last episode Pallavi came to Sarna House with police.
Inspector said to Kunj that Pallavi was saying he is her
husband and he is doing second marriage. Inspector said the
Kunj is celebrity and it will affect society negatively. Kunj
said that Pallavi is his doctor and she did his plastic
surgery. She gave him face of her husband. Inspector said that
they have all proofs against him. He showed Rocky and Pallavi’s
pictures. Twinkle said that Pallavi lying and her husband
truth. Kunj said that he had accident 5 years ago and Pallavi
gave him her husband’s face but didn’t tell him. He said that
he have returned to him family and her wife Twinkle.

Tashan e ishq

Inspector asked proofs from Kunj of his marriage with Twinkle.
Kunj brought inspector to his room and gave him file of his
marriage certificate but got shocked to saw no certificate
there. He also didn’t found his passport. Pallavi said that she
can’t remain silent when her husband is marrying another girl.
Flashback showed in which Yuvi and took all the certificates
from Kunj’s room. Kunj and his family came to registrar office
and asked him to check his marriage record. Manager said that
there is no record of their marriage. Kunj and Twinkle came to
photo studio and said that he clicked his and Twinkle’s photos
and asked to show them but he said that he don’t think they
will have that much old pics. Kunj said to inspecto that to match his finger prints with Pallavi’s husband. Inspector brought finger prints report and policeman said that according to finger prints on ID Rocky is Pallavi’s husband.

Inspector said to Kunj that he have to go with his wife Pallavi else he will have to arrest him. Kunj said that he will rather go to jail then go to her. Twinkle said to Kunj that she will free him. Inspector arrested Kunj and left with him.

In today’s episode A person on Media channel on Tv says that
Rocky don’t accept Pallavi as his wife but a MMS is leaked
where Rocky is seen getting romantic with Pallavi. All the
sarna family watches it. MMS plays in which Kunj is lying on
bed with pallavi. Kunj says to Babee that he don’t remember
about that. Babee slaps him.


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