Telemedicine Offers Chances To Save Around $6 Billion A Year

July 13, 2015: Medical staff has coined the term “telemedicine” for the purpose of allowing doctors and patients to fix their appointments through a cellphone or a computer.

The meetings naturally take place over Skype on any online video streaming media.

As with proper implementation through the years, Telemedicine may become a household name as an appropriate healthcare system with services that can save a pocket.

The virtual health care system has been making rounds for quite some time and also comes with a subtle budget as compared to emergency care rooms and consultation fees.

Telemedicine Offers Chances To Save As Around $6 Billion A Year

Telemedicine also offers a long term medicinal assistance for the patients without having the risk of getting out and reaching a hospital for medical purposes.

Doctors can check their patients through an online portal and may prescribe medicines as per the symptoms of the respective patients.

Dr. Lawrence R. Wechsler, VP in telemedicine services has come up with the idea which would allow patients to have a consultation through the Internet and can save time, money and can even help in restoration of stroke patients in a timely manner.

Reports say that the use of telemedicine can save organizations from buying coverage that can eventually save up to $6 billion per year.

The United States have started their introduction in telemedicine science and within the coming years it would be more prominent around the world.

Reports suggest that Insurers are backing up this policy that could easily reach patients doorstep through video graphic streaming and consultation.


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