Telugu Sivagami Movie Review Ratings Public Response


Telugu movie industry is growing to be as one of the biggest movie producing industry and all the movies are also having good and amazing response from the audience. The latest movie which is going to be one of the most awaited movie of the Telugu industry is ‘Sivagami’  is the latest Telugu film which is going to bang the box office on 5th of August.


The film is basically an horror thriller genre film which is having a huge buzz before the release of the  film. The film is must for those who love horror  movies. The Film has the same script of the spirit and all but the main thing which will going to affect the audience is the way it is directed and the portraying it is being presented in front of the viewers. There are quite enough eye catching part of the film. The movie was directed and written by one who has given many hit horror movies Raghavendra K Gollahalli . The film also starred one of the most experienced and talented artist of the Tollywood industry Manish arya, Priayaka Rao , Jai Jagdish , suhasini Mani Ratnam and Baby Suhasini in the main lead role of the film.

The story of the film, basically does not have any new story, story line of the movie is revolving around the old myths and spirits and all. ‘Sivagami’  has a basic run time of  133 minutes which means movie will going to scare the audience for sure. Movie also have some parts which will for sure make your goosebumps to be out.

The ghosts are being portrayed and is played by the actress who performed in the role of Maharani in the best film of Tollywood, Bahubali named as Suhasini Mani. Suhasini has already done so many horror movies and this time the role she has played in the movie is just unbelievable.  Trailer of the film was released around two weeks ago and banged the social media sites. The trailer of the film starts with a shoot of an attractive Bungalow which was haunted with a spirit.

The trailer of the film has set the audience full of fear as the trailer of the film has many unnatural  sequences.  Till now movie having a huge buzz in the market as the trailer of the film has increase the buzz of the film once again after the first poster release.

The movie Sivagami  has a short list of songs, music of the film was not that much good as it does not got that much response and hype. Here is the official trailer of the film Sivagami  is given below.

The movie has got good response from the critics and the censor board and got passed very easily, the movie is now on the floor to have its way to the audience and will have the success, which is expected by the movie makers. Stay tuned for all the latest updates of the latest released movies and reviews with total box office collections and world wide earnings.


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