Why Is Tesla Recalling Model S?

Model S

Tesla Motors has issued recall of nearly 90,000 Model S electric sedans worldwide.

The voluntary recall is to address issues with seat belt.

Owners of Model S are being informed about this recall through email. Recently, Tesla found a Model S in Europe with a front seat belt was not properly connected to the outboard lap pretensioner.

“This vehicle was not involved in a crash and there were no injuries. However, in the event of a crash, a seat belt in this condition would not provide full protection. First and foremost, we care about your safety,” according to the company.

Model S-Interior

Tesla said that this is the only customer vehicle we know of with this condition. The company checked the seat belts in more than 3,000 vehicles spanning the entire range of Model S production, but no issues were found in those vehicles.

Then, the automaker decided to voluntary call back Model S models worldwide as a precautionary measure, and make sure that front seat belts in all Model S are properly connected.

“We have no concerns regarding seat belts in the rear of Model S,” Tesla said.

The Model S has received a top rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for overall safety annually since 2013.

Tesla recommends customers to bring Model S to a service center for an inspection every year or 12,500 miles, whichever comes first. Unlike gasoline cars, an electric car doesn’t need oil changes, fuel filters, spark plugs, smog checks, etc. Electric car do not need to replace the brake pads, because most of the braking energy is regeneratively captured by the motor and returned to the battery.


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