Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th August 2016 Live Episode Written Updates TPK: Bihaan’s Life Is In Danger

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show starts and we see dhruv asking everyone to go inside, and pushes thapki towards bihaan. He presses the remote and a poisonous gas starts to release in that mill. Bihaan ask dhruv that what is he doing then he says that everyone will die in 5 minutes and seeing everyone coughing bihaan gets shocked. Dhruv says that he can stop that gas by an remote only if he takes reverse rounds with thapki as he took rounds with her cheating him. Then your relation will end and thapki will be all mine.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Dhruv asks shrdaha to read mantra as they have only 3 min left and he only knows swahaa… bihaan and thapki cry and take reverse rounds at gun’s point and dhruv smiles. Then dhruv asks thapki to come ahead now as four rounds are completed. they cry and thapki comes ahead. Before the last round shradha throws powder in dhruv’s eyes and remote falls. Bihaan takes it and frees family member.

Shradha takes thapki to her side and dhruv points his gun at bihaan and says that he will kill the root of everything and will kill bihaan only then he can get thapki. Vasu cries and takes gun from bauji’s pocket and shouts aiming gun at dhruv… all get shocked and she waks ahead and says that he is her first child and loved him a lot. She says that she taught him to walk on right path but today he is doing wrong. She says that she did wrong when she let him sat in mandap but now she will do the everything fine. She shouts on him saying put the gun down dhruv pandey….Dhruv says that he know that she will not shoot him as she loves him a lot but he will show her how to shoot and thapki says no… crying.

Vasu loads gun and and shoots then everyone gets shock as bihaan gets shot and the blood drops falls on thapki’s face. Vasu sits cryingly in shock. Bihaan looks at dhruv and dhruv recalls his childhood when bihaan promised him to give his life to him, and also how bihaan came in front of him when vasu shot dhruv and cries. Everyone cries and bauji calls ambulance. They all reaches hospital and doctor takes him in O.T and thapki cries leaving bihaan’s hand. Dhruv cries recalling some childhood memories when bihaan did a lot for him and cries. Bihaan’s operation is done and doctor removes his bullet. Bihaan’s hearbeat sinks and the machine beeps……

Precap: we will see doctor comes out and tells averyone about bihaan and they cry……


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