Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th August 2016 Episode Written Updates TPK Recap: Bau Ji Meet Toshi

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show starts and we see everyone coming in the house and a lady is sitting on sofa. They ask her that who is she and why removed pandey niwas board? They gets shocked seeing a man is sharpening his knife to cut rampyari(goat) and thapki runs to stop him. She asks who are they and how dared to do all this? Then see their maid tied and bihaan scolds them saying that he will call police. Then the lady turns and spits the betel waste on pandey family’s pic. all get shocked and dadi asks her that who is she and she says that she is toshi and says that she doesn’t listen to anyone if she gets angry, and says that this is their house from now.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Bauji comes and sees a new family and asks bihaan about this and he says that this new family who removed their name board and spitted on their family pic. Then bauji asks them that what proof do they have and the man shows him papers of house named on toshi devi. Then sanjay calls police and bauji calls lawyer so that everything will get clear. Lawyer comes with their papers and checks theirs too and says that both papers are original.

Bihaan scolds them and police comes and says that they both have right to stay here so both family will live here, bihaan says no they will have to leave and toshi says that they will have to leave. Then inspector says if anyone have problem staying together, can leave. Then lawyer says that he will get find any solution soon. Then shradha asks toshi to not to spit as spitting is not allowed in their house and she says that she will spit anywhere as its her house too.

Dadi and bauji talks that who are they and why came here. Then toshi takes bauji’s room and says that its her room and she will take everything from them as their house. Dadi scolds her and toshi laughs signing bauji and he stops his maa and takes dadi from there. There bihaan and thapki argue with that man as he took their room and bihaan scolds him badly, that man also gets angry. Then bauji comes and stops bihaan saying that if we will argues like them then what difference will remain between us. Thapki agrees bauji and aks bihaan to leave the matter and to come outside. Bihaan thinks that why bauji kept quiet.

Precap: we will see bauji meets toshi and says that he couldn’t talk to her but why she came here. She reminds him their old relation…..


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