Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th August 2016 Written Episode Updates TPK Recap: Bihaan Against Pandey Family

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show starts and we see kosi asks bihaan to call her maa once and hug her. She tells she is his real mother who gave him birth as like devki. All get shocked. Bihaan asks how dare she saying that and asks her to get out. Kosi asks vasu to tell him truth and bihaan stops her taking his mum’s name and says she doesn’t deserves to called a mun, he drags her to get her out and vasu stops him… She says kosi is right, she is his real mom who gave him birth, bihaan gets shocked and leave kosi’s hand. He ask vasu that what is she saying and asks bauji to explain vasu.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Vasu cries and he says he will die please don’t take his test maa. Thapki shows bihaan locket with child bihaan and kosi’s pic together and tells that this is the truth. He says this cant happen and he will get kosi out of here, but kosi says they will always cheat him and treat him like stepson. She says that she didn’t came to snatch him just came to meet him and tells him that vasu, and balwinder whom you consider lord, they are murderer of your real father. All get shocked. Kosi says that their family was happy one and vasu killed her husband, and balwinder supported her. Naman says they will not come to him again if they are lying just ask to both of them.

Bihaan looks at them and their silence, then he takes them to in house temple. He keeps their hands on his head and asks them to take swear of kanhaji that this lady is wrong then he will kick them out but vasu cries. She takes her hand away and says she is true but she didn’t killed his father intentionally as its just an accident. Balwinder says that that’s why they left far and took him with them. he says that he didn’t know that he is his best friend and business partner’s son, so they tried to find his family a lot but couldn’t that’s why they accepted him as their son. Kosi and naman ask bauji that why he didn’t tell him truth and he says that he was a child and how would they give him sorrow.

Bihaan leaves silently crying from there. THEY ALL TRIES TO STOP HIM BUT HE DOESNT. He walks on road and sees a boy with his parents. He recalls his childhood when bauji got him home and told him that vasu is your mom wont you hug her? He ran and hugged her, and vasu said that he is their other son from today like dhruv, and how he used to come from school saying he wont go there again and bauji used to laugh at it, he recalls kosi’s words then….

In next show we will see bihaan says that he is not related to maa and bauji, they wil not leave but pandey’s will leave from the house and thapki gets shocked…..


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