Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th August 2016 Written Episode Updates TPK Recap: Thapki & Bihaan Argue

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show starts and we see vasu says crying that they already lost dhruv and don’t want to lose nihaan now. Kosi says that how she lived without him these years she cant think even. Bihaan comes and kosi calls him hero and asks him to have food, he goes with her. Then she goes and thapki talks to him and says that the truth came out it doesn’t mean old relations will changed even they will face it together. She then goes to kosi and asks her not to take bihaan with them coz  he is the life of house.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Kosi says that she know tahpki also used to hate him and everyone, but she says now things are changed and they are happy together. She says that she will do what she wants fi she doesn’t takes bihaan along with her, kosi says fine but she has to speak what she wants without stammering. Thapki cries and tryies again and again but stammers, kosi asks her to leave saying bihaan will go with her today. Thapki leaves. Naman comes and asks why thapki came here then kosi says she cant talk well and came to stop us. Naman says she is mad as she doesn’t know that why are we taking bihaan with us as have work with him, then kosi says shut up you mad don’t speak our motive loudly.

There sankara sees bihaan sadly and gives him watch of his dad and says that he buried the first brick of his name of this house in lawn and he used to say that everything will get fine by the time, she makes him wear the watch and goes. All are upset as bihaan would be leaving and kosi ask sankara and bihaan to come fast. They all hears the sound of digging and sees bihaan is digging the soil in lawn, he gets a brick there with his name and he cries seeing it. Bihaan says his father made this house and named the first brick on his name, then bauji says he loves him but he says he changed his life’s truth to lie.

Bihaan says that bauji fed him with his hand and he didn’t know that his hands are stained wit his father’s blood. He says that it would be better if they left him on road. He says he is not bihaan pandey and not related to anyone in this house. He stands up with kosi and says this is her family touching kosi’s feet, kosi says own blood is own, come home and see the real love of real family. Bihaan says that he wont go anywhere as this house is made by his father so pandey family will leave it and he will leave in it with kosi and family……

In next show we will see thapki says they wont go anywhere as this is their house too. He says fine but there will be no relation even after sharing a roof with each other…..


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