Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates Recap: Thapki Tries To Make Bihaan Happy

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Thapki was crying and when Dhruv sees her crying she comes near to her and simply try to convince her not to cry, and he also tells that these are all because of him, he also ask her to forgive him for making him cry. He tells her that all this things and circumstances is being done by him. Thapki is very angry from him and also shouts at him for creating misunderstandings in their relationship and make it end.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Dhruv gets close to her and wipes her tears and says that he will going to convince the whole family to accept their relation, Suddenly Dadi comes there and see Dhruv doing all this she gets very shocked to see Dhruv doing all this things. Vasundhra gave a book which is not related to Shraddha but she tells that this might work because Preeti and Suman tells that you have the habbit to spy around people, she also warns her to punish her if she does anything wrong to his family or to Thapki.

Thapki ask Bihaan to tell everything to the family but she somehow keeps the secret into between them. When everybody was looking at the bridal dress, there is also a dress which is lying around and is being brought by Dhruv for her. Diwakar says to Shraddha that you still love Shraddha, even after she has done so many mistakes and hurt the family, she gets angry over this and says that why are you taunting him, she also tells that she knows that there is something going on between his husband and his ex-love.

Thapki was very happy to see a gift lying over the table and when Dhruv sees this, he gets very angry and throws the gift away, Bihaan sees this and gets very angry on this act of Dhruv. Thapki scolds him for doing this things and tells that there is nothing changed in you, you will be the same together. Thapki thinks that Bihaan will be very happy and glad to see the lovely moments, she suddenly starts the slideshow, Bihaan when sees this gets very emotional.


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