Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap: Dhruv Hits On Bihaan’s Head

Thapki Pyaar Ki

The show starts and we see dhruv thinking he will do online shopping for his marriage with thapki, there vasu ia near other well and bihaan shouts for help and thapki runs out worriedly calling the name of bihaan and then all ask her that what happened and also run after her and she asks vasu about him and vasu says that she don’t know where is he as he didn’t come to her and they look for him then bihaan blows that whistle remembering the words of thapki and thapki hears and comes to him and shouts bihaan.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

They all get shocked seeing bihaan in the well then bauji finds a rope and put that into well to help bihaan but dhruv leaves the rope in anger and he had to pull the well’s rope after bauji’s saying and they get bihaan out of well and go home and asks him about what happened and vasu asks suman that didn’t she tell him about right well and dhruv says that its his mistake as his rasam happened there so he thought about that well and told bihaan about wrong well and apologizes then bihaan says that he jumped in the well seeing maa’s sarre in it and I have tied rope at tree before but don’t know how the rope get cut but I am fine now and they all leave and thapki stays there and she shows worry about him and her fate then he asks her not to take tensions and nothing can happen to him if she is with him and she asks him to take rest and thinks that how can that saree be similar so much of vasu’s saree and calls Malhotra and asks about maroon color saree for which they ordered for vasu and asks that did anyone bought similar saree to it and he says yes dhruv came and bought for his wife and thapki becomes sure that dhruv has done this and promises her that she will not leave him this time as she has proof also, then thapki goes and asks dhruv that what did he order and just then sanjay comes and dhruv makes excuse and makes the men keep the bamboo sticks for mandap in store room and burns sticks and thinks that he has ordered these sticks and thinks to kill bihaan in his mandap.

There bihaan says that this mandap is looking but is small and close one then dhruv says that it has 8 pillars instead of 4 so that no one can come close to bride and groom and thapki asks dhruv that what is his plan now as he decorating mandap then he says that his work is to end your marriage and is doing that just then a bamboo stick falls and bihaan asks him to get it roped and dhruv says that rope is in store room bihaan goes to take but bauji calls him and he goes there saying dhruv to get the rope and thapki says that she will get it and goes then dhruv thinks to stop her coz that can happen with her what he is planned for bihaan…..

Precap: we will se that nihaan is ready as a groom and thinks that after some time thapki will be his wife just then dhruv comes and hits on his head saying history will repeat itself and he will marry thapki now……..


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