The BFG Theatrical Trailer Released In Hindi Lead Voice Given By Amitabh Bachchan & Parineeti Chopra

Hey Everyone, here the one of the amazing and factious theatrical trailer in Hindi is just got out on the social media and the Indian televison, of BFG, This is so amazing movie named Big Friendly Giant, one of the most hilarious and the big blockbuster film of Hollywood of the year 2016 , which is revealed the story of a 1982 novel by the very talented writer Roald Dahl.

the bfg

Here we have a big surprise for you that the film is going to release in various languages, for Indian cinema and theaters. BFG is going to release in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, as the trailer of the film had already got released on various platforms and loved by the audience with its amazing story and has generated a large fan following for the film.

The theatrical film was dubbed version of BFG and it had a great collection as well when it was released in the Hollywood cinema and just make a lot of people to love the characters and the story of the film as the story of the film is so good, and make its great fans earlier when it was revealed in English language.

As the story of the BFG is based on a Big Friendly Giant who is just have a good connection of friendship with a tiny pretty girl who’s name is Sophie, It is unleashed film which has already have a viral on the social media and YouTube with a great viewers, and the story of the film was  going to be dubbed in Hindi by the very popular and famous Stars of Bollywood who have already done a lot of the film in their life and all  of them are just goes hits on the box office collection in India as well as overseas.
Here now Parineeti Chopra, the very beautiful and gorgeous diva of Indian Cinema is going to give her cute voice to the leading and the cute role of Sophie, as her voice is so good and have an childish sound. And one of the most great personality of Bollywood , Gulshan is going to lend his voice for the main leading role of the Bad and curious giant, as Gulshan’s voice is so heavy and it really gonna suits with the voice of big giant , BFG is all set to hit the Indian box office and to make a craze among all the Indian fans who are extremely waiting for the film.


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