The Kapil Sharma Show 13th August 2016 Episode Online: Akshay Kumar Promote Rustom

The Kapil Sharma Show

In the last episode of The Kapil Sharma show we saw that, the undisputed king of Indian comedy Kapil sharma is back with another amazing and humerous show of his show. The show started with Kapil taking with his friends son and they were trying to do some type of magic. That’s scripted but the thing which come after that rubbing of the vase is Hrithik Roshan which is another king but of Bollywood and Indian movies.

The Kapil Sharma Show

Hrithik Roshan who is known for his extreme talent, exceptional dancing skills and stunning looks. He is also one of the biggest star of Bollywood when it comes to comparison from the Mighy Khans of India. He is on the show for his promotions of an upcoming movie Mohenjo Daro, the movie which has created a very good hype among the whole industry and also created a very big challenge for Akshay’s movie Rustom which will going to release on the same date. Both the movies are very much expected to have a very great and big clash on the Box office.

Mohenjodaro is an thrilling action-romantic movie which is about a simple farmer who comes to the grand city and falls for a very high standard society girl, but the society is not at all accepting their relation. He have to fight through the elite force of the city to get his love and for this he has do so many things and face great challenges, will he get his love for live.

The movie is a thrilling action filled movie and the lead is Hrithik, and a new female lead Pooja Hegde. The show welcomes both of them very heartly and then the work of Kapil starts, he does what he is famous for, entertains both of them. HE is also one of the most dedicated person in his life and that’s what makes him different of other actors.


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