The Light Between Oceans Movie Review Ratings Audience Response

The Light Between Oceans

Hollywood is known to be as one of the most amazing producers of movies all around the world. The exceptional acting, direction, and plotting of story are very impressive and worth praising. One of the latest movies which will go to release tomorrow is ‘The Light Between Oceans’, the movie is a romantic/emotional and period drama movie which is being written and directed by Derek Gianfranco and is based on the most selling novel of the same name of 2012 which was penned down by M.L Stedman.

The Light Between Oceans

This movie will go to show an amazing international collaboration co-production between DreamWorks Pictures, Reliance Entertainments, Participant Media and Heyday Films, all the names are very renown and will surely going to make the audience take a chance to watch the movie for once. The movie is starring Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander, Rachel Weisz, Bryan Brown and Jack Thompson.

The movie is having its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival on 1st September and will go to compete for the Golden Lion. The movie is scheduled to release in the United States on 2 September, 2016 by the Touchstone Pictures and the next schedule for the movie to release is in the United Kingdom on 4 November, 2016, with Distribution by Entertainment One. The story of the movie is very emotional and comprises of so many remarking scenes which will definitely touch the hearts of people.

The story is about a couple from which one is a war veteran and lighthouse keeper named as Tom Sherbourne which is being portrayed by Michael Fassbender and the role of her wife is Isabel being played by Alicia Vikander and they are living off somewhere in the coast in Post World War 1in Western Austraila. They have suffered a serious shock when they lost their daughter one day and after losing all the hope from their life they found a girl who was washed away on an adrift rowboat and was abandoned from their parents. They decide to adopt her and then take a very good care of her and named her as Lucy. The story gets a shocking turn when a particular woman Rachel Weisz threatens to break apart their family and don’t let them happily which is going on very amazingly.

The movie got an amazing response from the viewers of the trailer and they really appreciate the story-line but the reviews from the critics are not that much impressive with getting a normal and only approval rating of 60%. The movie makers are still expecting to have a great review from the audience from the very first day.


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