Today’s Episode Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th August Written Update: Terrorist Ask Sandhya To Get Them Out

That boy reads the text and tells that she was telling police. He puts gun on her and says he will kill him. Then he goes out. One terrorist brings Sooraj back and he says he is traitor. Everyone comes to him. Sandhya asks if he is fine. He says i am fine. Every boy comes. Head boy asks what happened Pp. Pp says he was going out. Head boy says kill him. Everyone gets scared.

Ved says leave him and he will not do anything like this. Media person says because of Sandhya bomb has not been exploded. They talks to commission. She asks what you wants to say about this. He says he have maintained red alert in whole Pushakr and they will be caught soon.

diya aur baati hum

Sooraj says no Ved don’t ask for pity from them and they will fight till end and we will try and try. He says every man every woman will try and we are more in number and they knows that we are scared and they will kill two four twenty but they cannot kill all of us as they don’t have so much of bullets.

He encourages people and says we should attack these four boys and we all knows that bravery can excel this battle. We should fight with bravery and we have to face. If we will die then we will die for our country. Jimmy says he will shoot him. Head says no don’t shoot. Jimmy says he is becoming leader and we should kill him so that everybody will become scared. Head says no we should handle it by peace. He says something in Rocky’s ears.

Meenakshi cries that what they are saying. Rocky takes Kanak up and puts gun on her. Sandhya shouts Kanak and she has not done anything. Head says take all children away from them and children will become their weapon. Bhabho says no dont do this.

Sandhya says children have not done anything wrong and please dont do this. Head says take all children in. Everyone pleads before Sandhya to do something and says they will become scared and they all cries. Bhabho says Kanak is so small and how will she stay there. A lady says let them do anything with us but not with children. All boys comes. Rocky says children are crying so much and they are getting headache. Head says he knew that Sandhya will not become scared and that’s why he thought of this plan. He will play with them now.


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