Turn off the light on this Earth Hour

Earth Hour

A special day is awaiting for nature lovers and environmentalists, as people from more than 170 countries will turn off their lights at 08.30 PM, on Saturday March 19, 2016. This move,known as Earth Hour is basically a climate change initiative that aims to create an awareness for the need to take action.

Common people can also take part in this initiative. You should visit the official website of World Wide Fund For Nature, and should take a pledge that you will turn off your lights for one hour at 08.30 PM oncoming Saturday.

Active global participation from 172 countries is expected during this earth day. The organizers aim to create positive environmental impact which will make earth a heaven for living.

Earth Hour 2016 calls Governments all across the nation to implement healthy climatic practices which is quite crucial for the well being of humans, and all other living creatures.

In India, Earth Hour 2016 will proclaim the vitality of using solar energy as other sources of energy are getting depleted day by day. Sustainable future will be only possible if we are relying on renewable source of energy, and this is the message which will surface all across India on this Saturday.

India is a country which is blessed with more than 300 sunny days, and it has the capability to produce more than 5,000 trillion kWh of energy per year. This mammoth number is much more than the annual energy need of the country. The slogan in India during this Earth Hour will be “GO SOLAR”.


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