Twenty Four 24 Season 2 6th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Today Recap: Aditya Knows About Jai Helping Roshan

24 Season 2

vedant and Shivani was talking to each other and while they were talking, he ask her that, why did she feels that Kush is the virus carrier. She then told him that Prakash has told him that, chang who is the main lead behind this has convinced him for doing the job. She also tells that kush is having nose bleeding right now and he will be contagious in the next 1 hour. Vedant then says to her that he will going to find out a way to it, adding that he has already sent Raj and is now also going himself with his team.

24 Season 2

The head of the plan was talking to Jai and telling him to make sure of his plan of taking Roshan out, he then tells that it might be impossible but not that difficult for me. Devyani meets Bomik at the Aditya’s office, then he tells that Aditya and Prithvi both are busy and ask her for coffee.

Prithvi tells Shivani that Pm willnot going to agree on releasing Roshan, Shivani says i’ll manage it somehow. Khuaran too isn’t agreeing to agree Roshan. HE Prithvi ask her to ask Aditya about this thing and then, he is talking to someone after the pharmaceuticals health meet, she than asks it to Bhomik. Bomik then asks to Devyani that there is not so much comfort level between us and that this might be the reason why i’m not telling you. Devyani was talking about her sorrow and her pain which she has suffered in the very short time.

Shivani talks to her team and tells them that PM Aditya Singhania has last day in Mumbai, I want all updates, I don’t want anything such to happen like three years ago, you all are on high alert, I want all answers before I ask. She leaves. Staff lady calls Shivani a b***c. The guy says Jai is dude, he is cool, he is not kicked out of ATU, he is in rehab, there can’t be better ATU chief than him, but Malik is s*xy. Vedant says and very hot too.

Jai asks a man about some person. The man makes call to alert. Jai proceeds to hunt for that man. Some guys start following him. The goon sees Jai and laughs that Jai has come to die. He makes his man check Jai well. The goon asks Jai why is his watch not working. Jai says yes, your time is running bad. Jai is sent upstairs, and goons sit playing carom.

The mafia don asks Jai to sit. He says since you did this with my face, I dream of killing you every day, which will turn true today, why did you get mad to come here, alone and without a gun. Jai says Muzaffar has sent me, he is annoyed, you did not do right by double crossing him. The don says Muzaffar is fool, he should be in jail. He takes a gun and loads. Jai pulls a string from his watch and suffocates the don’s neck, saying Muzaffar did not worry for money, he got hurt for his wife. He kills the don and takes a knife. The blood falls over the carom board. The goons run upstairs and Jai beats them up.

Joshi who is very angry after knowing all this starts beating Jai, then Gyan tells to Haroon that ATU has put all their team to find Kush, Kush who knows the situation commits suicide. Jai while showing that he is shooting at Joshi kills Haroon in his place which is his real target. An officer who is secretly following Jai tells that he is helping Roshan to run away. Aditya then gives the order to shoot at sight to him.


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