Twitter Adds Pepsi Co. As First Partner For “Promoted Stickers”, More Brands To Join Later

Twitter Adds Pepsi Co. As First Partner For

Twitter made its stickers for photos available to everyone at the end of last month, and now the company has quickly followed that up with the launch of its first branded stickers. Twitter calls them “promoted stickers” but essentially they are branded stickers… well subtly branded stickers, at least. Yes, it is arguably millennial nonsense, but it is actually quite fun.

Twitter Adds Pepsi Co. As First Partner For "Promoted Stickers", More Brands To Join Later

The first partner is Pepsi — a sugar-water seller which once billed itself as “The Choice of a New Generation”. “Brands can design four or eight stickers — like accessories and other props — for users to add to their own photos. Photos with a brand’s stickers are shared with all of a user’s followers, allowing brands to be featured by their fans in a truly authentic way. #Stickers act as a visual hashtag, meaning that photos with your brand’s sticker will be connected and discoverable to anyone who taps your brand’s sticker. This allows a brand to see and engage with the people who are using their stickers in creative ways”, says Ilya Brown, Head of Product, Brand & Video Ads, Twitter.

Brown further explains, “Pepsi will be the exclusive launch partner of Promoted #Stickers, and will share nearly 50 custom stickers across 10 markets for fans to use as part of their global PepsiMoji campaign. The partnership also includes a custom Niche creator campaign showing consumers how to use their #Stickers, as well as a branded Pepsi emoji and a Promoted Trend. This campaign marks the largest partnership between Twitter and Pepsi to date”. Brad Jakeman, President PepsiCo Global Beverage Group said “The ‘Say It With Pepsi’ campaign has helped consumers around the world express themselves using our proprietary set of Pepsi emojis and we’re truly taking it to the next level with this partnership with Twitter. By allowing people to add our emojis directly to their photos, we’re giving fans a whole new way to engage. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture with Pepsi stickers can really spark a conversation.”

Line, which held a successful IPO this summer, made $270 million from selling stickers last year. While most of that came from users paying a few dollars for a sticker pay, one-third of Line’s $1 billion in revenue came from advertising from official accounts, which use stickers to raise awareness and gain subscribers.

Twitter is doing things a little differently of course, with its 140-character service. But can brands pay for more subtle visibility help it reach profitability? Promoted stickers are now available globally to select marketers who have a managed Twitter account. This is it for now,stay tuned for further updates.


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